Flavors of the Week

I tend to get a bit lazy in the cooking department when Alex is out of town. This usually means buying a bunch of frozen stuff from Trader Joe's and assembling, usually with the help of the microwave. I have tried to avoid wheat for about 5 years now and have sampled just about every gluten-free pasta under the sun. Most of these taste like a sandy mush shaped like a noodle, so I don't eat a whole lot of pasta. Well, TJ's hit it out of the park with their new corn noodles. The look and taste like real noodles!
I have also developed a bit of an obsession with coconut milk. In tea, in coffee, in cereal and most importantly in shanks. Thanks to some inspiration from Chocolate Covered Katie I have become hooked on these "sugar" free, cake batter milk shakes. I add some vanilla protein powder to make it more filling.
Last, but not least, I cooked with polenta for the first time. It was surprisingly easy and tasty. Feast your eyes on sautéed kale, leeks and artichokes on top of polenta with fried eggs and goat cheese. What's your favorite meal you made this week?


  1. mmmmmm polenta. LOVE it. cute curls BTW :)

  2. Love the coconut milk! It truly is so delicious!

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