See Ya Lata Facebook...

This week I made a fairly big decision. I deleted my Facebook account. Ten years ago no one had ever heard of Facebook. Now, deciding to go without it makes me part of a minority.

A couple of years ago I closed my account. I learned the painful lesson of how what I chose to post as a "status update" could ruin the relationships with people I cared about. Eventually, I rejoined the Facebook community. Partially because I had close family and friends who expressed an interest in knowing what was going on in my life, partially because I wanted to know what was going on in theirs.

Over the years I have reconnected with some wonderful people as a result of the website. But as time goes on, I find myself spending more and more time on Facebook. "Stalking" people from my past, seeing what everyone has to say for themselves each day. Sometimes what I read is interesting, sometimes fun, but oftentimes disappointing. I continue to find myself in situations where Facebook initiates harmful and hurtful communication.

With my decision to become Facebook free, I realize how easy the website has made it to keep in touch with those we love. The thought of emailing and calling everyone I want involved in my life sounds a bit daunting at the moment. Sad, because 10 years ago that was all we had! So for the time being, I am going to use this blog as a more controlled communication environment. People can read it, or not read it. No one has to, "follow me", "like" any post or feel the need to leave me comments. I don't intend for this blog to be a popularity contest or a place for me to share my political opinions. But it will be a place to see what I am reading, any cool projects I am working or the adventures my husband and I embark on.

I hope my friends and family can respect this decision and understand I have no judgment whatsoever of anyone else's desire to be apart of the Facebook community. It is just not a good place for me to be right now. Maybe one day I will return. To be honest, I miss it already. But for the time being, I am looking forward to seeing what my life will be like without it.


  1. Roland and Arlene Belanger1/25/12, 6:11 AM

    Great Rachel. We will keep in touch. We don,t have facebook so this will be great for us.
    Mam-maw and pop-pop

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