Rugs, Gnomes and New Jobs

It has been a crazy week here in Portland. Over the weekend we continued our home shopping spree and found this fantastic (and deeply discounted) rug at Home Goods. If you have never been, it is truly a magical place. It barely fit in my car and we have never been so thankful to own at least one vehicle where the seats fold down! The Kia Soul saves the day! The rug is lying on top of our large haul from Ikea that day as well. I was able to get a swatch of our new couch fabric and it matches perfectly!
Alex had to drill for the Navy reserves over the weekend, and I spent most of it grocery shopping, doing laundry and setting up our new double desk in the office. We have both been wanting our own desk space for a long time and our laptops really needed a "home" that didn't include the kitchen table, couch or bed. It is still a work in progress but, as usual, IKEA had an affordable solution. Right now the desktop is unstained wood and I hope to make it more interesting in the future. (Sorry, the picture is pretty crappy quality)
We aren't real big on Valentines day. Why only show the important people in your life how much you love them on one predetermined day? Even so, we decided to exchange small gifts with a max $20 price tag. I built Alex his own mini terrarium from one of my favorite garden stores in Portland called Pistils. It was a lot of fun! I got to pick out the glass vial and then layer in different colors of sand and stones topping it off with a little fluff of moss and an air-plant which we will hang in our kitchen window. He got me these cute little gnome salt and pepper shakers. I have been on a bit of a gnome kick lately and couldn't be more happy to have these guys join us while we eat.
The biggest news of all is Alex started his new job as a nurse practitioner for Clackamas County on Monday! It has been a long road, but we are feeling incredibly fortunate for him to have found such a great job as a new graduate in this economy. Looking forward to life with no studying and just working!!


  1. I love the rug! and a photo of the office (while admittedly a little startling) in it's new layout looks perfect for you both....it's good for me to see these photos, to help me remember that changes are being made, and I will be living in a new place soon.

  2. Thanks! Don't forget, you are going to have a new place to decorate as well. It is like a blank canvas!