The End of an Era

It is strange to think in a few hours I will officially be in my 30's. While many dread this transition, I can honestly say I am ready for a new decade. Without a doubt my 20's have been a wild ride and the people I have met along the way are unforgettable. My adventures have included living in three states, earning the honor of being called Doctor and meeting the love of my life. I have learned many lessons, often the hard way. But this next decade is filled with beginnings. I look forward to cultivating my career, creating a home and all the new things life will teach me.

My last weekend of 29 began with a beautiful sunset and signs of spring. I have officially mastered the art of the fried egg and I am learning the art of antiquing. Simple gifts, like someone remembering my love of dark chocolate with sea salt and cartel and spring flowers from a loved one are often the best. And there is nothing like spending time with good friends, a home cooked meal and the time-honored tradition of the Oscars to bring the weekend, and decade, to a close.

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