Enjoying Juneuary

The past two weeks have been rather crazy, but fortunately I had enough time to snap a few pictures. Although we have had "Juneuary" like weather (it was 47 degrees when I woke up today, we had insanely heavy rain yesterday) the flowers and veggies in our yard are thriving. I stole the phrase "Juneuary" from a patient. Not sure who came up with that term but it is the perfect term to describe June weather here in the Pacific NW. The neighborhood flower klepto (also know as my husband) treated me to a nice surprise bouquet one morning. There was also an amazing sunset the other night, perhaps one of the best I have seen yet in Portland. My sister and I have become rather addicted to the game Carcassonne. We have the iPhone app, which is based on a German board game and is extremely addicting. We managed to tie this week, and if you have ever played the game you would understand how unusual that is! (P.S. best money I have ever spent on an iPhone app!)  Last but not least, I snagged a stamp I know will be getting a lot of use in our household!

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  1. Patty Pandzik6/10/12, 12:31 AM

    Love the stamp! patty