So, We Bought A House!

Sorry for the blog post neglect the past few weeks. Things have been CRAZY. Alex and I have both been making some career transitions, which can be stressful enough. But on top of all that, we decided to buy a house! We started out a few months ago going to open houses just for fun, but stopped when we found "the one". With the MOUNTAIN of student debt we have (side note, think twice about borrowing six figures worth of loans for school, then think a third time) we were wary about our chances of getting approved for a mortgage. The real estate market in Portland right now is pretty volatile, but when we did the math we realized we could save hundreds of dollars a month buying versus renting. So, a few weeks after finding "the one" we put an offer on it and closed five weeks after that! We made the move over the weekend and it still feels surreal. Hope to have more posts to share in the coming weeks!

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