Our Casa - The Downstairs

So friends... it's been a while! I can't believe how fast Fall is going. The rain has officially begun here in Oregon, yet somehow things haven't slowed down a bit! We have now been living in our new house for two full months. How about a tour? Let's check out the downstairs today. We have two stories and a garage! Neither of which are a given here in Portland.
I know. These pictures suck. I took them super fast before we started to unload the moving truck. I don't think I even turned the lights on. Let's just put this out there. I HATE the trim. It is too narrow and cheap, not to mention poorly installed. The wall color isn't my fave. You can't tell so much from these pictures, but just picture a brownish calamine lotion color. Bleech. Between the walls, trim and floors it feels like brown threw up down here. Have no fear, we will be changing that soon.
Better huh? We only just got the love seat by Martha Stewart this week. Went with something neutral so we could continue to change the colors and not get stuck. I have to admit picking, out a rub was super stressful. I scoured sites before I found this one on Overstock.com. We needed a 7x9' which isn't the most common size. I also wanted something to with lots of color since it is always so grey here. The table and chairs were a house-warming gift from my awesome parents. Thanks guys! My favorite part of the room is this antique console table I picked up from the mighty Craig and his wondrous list. It is in pretty good shape and I replaced the knobs with some on clearance from World Market.
Yes, our cabinets are the exact same color as the floors. And the trim. At least the walls in the kitchen and family room are painted a green. Although, the putty colored tile in the kitchen covers this up. One day, it will come down. And we will probably stain the cabinets darker. But that did not make the short list of house projects.
Not much to see here in the kitchen. Just lots of our stuff on the counters--which are tiled with a pretty brown granite. Notice the brown trend we have going on here? We plan to install some cabinet and drawer pulls for contrast and interest sooner rather than later. Which will also help keep our grubby paws off the cabinet doors. The couch and armchair are on the large side for the family area, but work fine for us. They are just too comfortable to even consider replacing. Ever. You aren't seeing double--we do have two of the ever popular Ikea bookcases in the same room. I really like the one behind the couch, but hope to score something different for the TV from Craigslist at some point.
Well here is our garage. I mean our gym. Let's just call it the "Gymage". A few months ago we did the math and figured that if we cancelled our gym memberships and created our own workout space at home we would break even in about two years. That is taking into account the time and gas spent driving to the gym as well. Alex has plans to paint the walls and insanely bright color which I am hoping will help motivate me to workout more. Maybe?

So there you have it folks. Our downstairs. We hope to start painting the walls and trim in the next few weeks. Neither of us have ever taken on a painting project of this magnitude before and I have no doubt it will turn into a time-consuming and messy endeavor. Check back soon for the upstairs tour!


  1. Just found my way here from our Blogging Your Way class! I have to tell you- I love the name of your blog! And it looks great.

    Meanwhile, I've never heard the term "gymage" before and I love it! Love it like I will mention it to others, love it. And I wish I had one of my own!

    Stacey :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Stacey! I spent a bunch of time on your blog last night and had a great time :-) Hope to see you around BYW!

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