8 Blogs That Rock

I mentioned a few weeks ago I'm taking the Blogging Your Way e-course this month. It has been a great experience so far. I have learned so much, not just about blogging but also about myself. As an added bonus I have virtually met some awesome bloggers and have added to my ever-growing list of blogs I follow daily. Last week our homework assignment was a case study of 8 blogs we love. Unfortunately I missed the due date and will be turning my assignment in fashionably late. Will the "dog ate my homework" excuse work? I know, I don't have a dog. But it has been a while since I've had homework! Without further ado, here are my faves. (Will try to keep it short and sweet)

#1 Likes to Smile. This blog has a nice clean feel and I am loving Stacy's projects! She just got to go to craft camp. How cool is that? I want to go to camp. Now. Likes to Smile is new to the blogging scene, but I can't wait to see where it goes!
#2Chrystina Noel. I seriously feel like I have met a long-lost friend in Chrystina. Her posts are so fun. Be sure to check out her other blog Girls Who Make Lists if you want another treat.
#3 Pintester. If you spend as much time on Pinterest as I do, you will appreciate this blog. Not only does Sonja try all those pins that claim to solve all the world's problems, she does it with a sense of humor that speaks to my heart. Her site's title is "F@%king up Pinterest pins so you don't have to" pretty much says it all.
#4 Restored Style. I've been following Kirsten since I saw her home featured on Apartment Therapy. Man does this girl have good taste and boat-loads of creative flair. She lives in Portland too--which makes her that much cooler.
#5 Hooked on Houses. If you are into home decor this blog is a must follow. You can expect almost daily posts of beautiful homes and often the inside scoop where the rich and famous live as well. The best part is when Julia takes the time to freeze-frame drool-worthy houses from your favorite TV shoes.
#6 The Fitnessista. I've been following Gina for years. She is pretty much my fitness-diet role model. Such a great outlook on eating and exercise with lots of great recipes and ideas. It has been fun watching her family grow!
#7 Gumshoe Blog. Another recent discovery. This blog is a true smorgasbord of entertainment. I am always curious what this talented group will post about next.
#8 Young House Love. A list couldn't be complete without those crazy DIY'ers from my home state of Virginia. These guys have been on my blog roll forever. They rock. Enough said.


  1. Wow! Feel crazy honored to be included in your list! Love your blog! Isn't the Blog Boss class super fun?! I am learning a lot from the course and the forums.

  2. Oh Em Gee!!! You are THE best!!! I missed the date on this hw, too, and will totally take your "my dog ate my homework" excuse!!! Thank you so much for listing Likes to Smile-- I'm kvelling. I couldn't be more honored. And to be included on a list with Young House Love? Oh Em Gee to the 489th power!!! They are my first read every single morning.

    You're blog is one of my fav's too! Have an amazing weekend.


  3. Rambling Rach3/26/13, 2:43 AM

    Thanks for brightening my day with your blog and your comments :-) See ya around the blogosphere!

  4. Rambling Rach3/26/13, 2:44 AM

    Loving the class! Such a great experience. So lucky to have virtually met with so many cool bloggers too :-)

  5. [...] you know that today I am guest posting over at the Gumshoe blog. I featured them in my recent post 8 Blogs That Rock. These talented bloggers started a new monthly column called “FieldNotes” you can learn [...]

  6. This is exactly how behind I am on my blog reading. But THANK YOU for listing both of my blogs here - that's awesome. I'm loving reading along here. Have a great weekend!

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