{Ramble} So This is What Being an Adult Feels Like

It finally hit me the other day. I am an adult. Not sure why it took so long. Maybe it is because I spent most of my 20s in school.  Then I got married, but my husband was in school. We were both fortunate to have a lot of help from our families to get us through this time. Now we have both been working full-time for a year and we bought a house. But even then, it still didn't hit me until last week.

Realizing I was officially grown up was a combination of things really. Getting ready to paint the place I live for the first time in my life. Turning 31 and being married for almost 3 years (my longest relationship ever BTW). Working a job I really enjoy and starting to strategize a true career path. Becoming financially independent. Getting "ma'amed" at the grocery store on a regular basis. Having more friends with babies than not. Having my Mom come visit and stay in our guest-room. Having more combined student debt than our mortgage. (Ouch) Owing a crap-ton of money to the IRS. Yes, this one hurt the team a bit. But I am thankful that for the first time we were fortunate enough to earn enough money to make this a reality.
Image from Clever Thursday
It's kind of like when you are in elementary school the high schoolers seemed so much older, bigger and cooler. And then when you got to high school you didn't really feel that much older or cooler. Hopefully you were bigger. Well that's how I always felt about being an adult. They seemed so old. They had their shit together. They drank martinis straight-up. They didn't laugh at fart jokes. I don't feel old, certainly don't have my shit together, still think straight vodka tastes like nail polish remover and laugh just as hard at fart jokes as I did when I was 12. Actually, I may laugh even hard now.

Yet clearly, like it or not, I am officially a grown-up. And you know what? I like it. Even though I am older and have more responsibilities, there are parts of me that never have to grow up. I don't have to be that boring old person I envisioned in high school. I can just be me.

So. When did you first realize you were an adult?


  1. i'm still not there. I want to be though. I think i will feel more adult when i have a place to call home. I am slightly nomadic at the moment.

  2. Rambling Rach3/14/13, 12:11 PM

    Totally understand where you are coming from. Before we bought our house I had moved 13 times in the last 10 years. You will get there and it will be worth it! :-)

  3. I'm also not there yet. People have been trying to convince me that I am, but I think they're wrong. I decided that I will consider myself an adult when I feel like I am old enough to date a man. Not a boy and not a guy - but I'm still a little too young and not together enough yet to date a man. (Yes, this is how I think...)

  4. It's pretty amazing how fast life passes by! I think I first realized I was an adult after my husband and I moved into our current place about 4 years ago and I found myself super excited to get a new washer and dryer. I figured once I started getting excited about those and our new stove it was official... I am totally an adult!

  5. Rambling Rach3/19/13, 4:03 AM

    Thanks for stopping by Kaitlyn! I totally know what you mean. Becoming a homeowner made Home Depot a magical place for me to visit :-)

  6. Oh my goodness!! I love this blog!! I so remember thinking that the high schoolers were so much bigger and cooler and than not feeling that way when I got there (I mostly felt awkward). So funny!

    I'm 31 and have to say I like my 30s so much more than my 20s. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Though I can't get over the fact that we are old enough that it's acceptable for our friends to have babies. And so many have babies (who are all super adorable). But still...

  7. Rambling Rach3/19/13, 4:05 AM

    I like your thinking :-) sounds like my own!

  8. Rambling Rach3/19/13, 7:08 AM

    30s rock! Yay for some sense of stability. So glad to have my 20s behind me. And even though most of my friends have babies I am still freaked out whenever I think about it. So weird! How did this happen?!