I've Been A Bad Blogger

Once again I have become a bad blogger. Sometimes life gets in the way. My apologizes to all 10 of my readers. How about a quick recap of what happened the past three months?

I bought my first DSLR camera. After much research, I went with the Cannon EOS Rebel T4i bundle from Costco. No, it is not the best camera on the market but it meets my needs just fine. And what are my needs? I just want to learn how to take proper photos without cheating (i.e. using auto settings). So far  I am pretty happy with it.

I took my first photo class! I decided to take the Photo 101 course offered by Nicole’s Classes. It was a good introduction to using a manual camera. There were weekly photo assignments which you submitted for  feedback from the instructors. I have to admit, I pooped out by the 4th week. We were having horrible rainy weather here in Portland (shocking, I know) and I had a hard time getting motivated to take pictures that were dull and grey. My loss.
Speaking of crappy weather, we went camping with our friends at Cape Disappointment State Park for Memorial Day weekend. It pretty much rained the entire 24 hours we were there. Being fair-weather campers, neither Alex nor I packed appropriate clothing. See evidence of our makeshift rain boots below. Fortunately, the rain cleared just long enough for a fire to dry our toes and roast some pineapple. Within 24 hours of being home we purchased Bogg’s boots and a new REI tent with vestibule.  Lesson learned Mother Nature.
I painted our downstairs powder room. Alex offered to help, but this room is about 6 square feet, much of which is taken up by the toilet. If I ever paint this room again I will remove the toilet and the door that opens inwards. It is really hard to paint 9-foot ceilings when you can’t get the ladder into the room without shutting the door.
We had an honest conversation and decided, no, we didn’t want to paint our downstairs and upstairs hallway. The ceilings needed to be painted (they were a lovely shade of creamy yellow—builders, why do you do this to homeowners!) and the two-story stairwell going to our upstairs hallway. Seriously what were we thinking? This would have taken us years to paint. We hired Pride in Painting after reading reviews from Angie’s List and it was perhaps one of the best decisions we have made as married couple thus far. The job was completed in one day!! I will NEVER miss the calamine lotion color our stairwell and upstairs hallway used to sport!

I ate those damn tainted berries and had to get the hepatitis A vaccine. Fun times. We bought an Akorn Chargriller and I am obsessed. I am even registered for the Kamado Guru forum. You will likely see more posts of my grilling/smoking adventures in the future. You have been warned.

I crashed the Fitblogger conference held in Portland a few weeks ago and got to meet my favorite blogger Gina from the Fitnessista. After a Twitter exchange of my Portland recommendations she asked me if I wanted to meet up.  I have never met a blogger before, so I admit I felt like a bit of a stalker. It was great to talk with her. She is so down to earth and it was fun to talk about Portland, Tucson, health, fitness and life in general. Thanks for being my motivation and inspiration Gina!
We got away for a few days to Sunriver thanks to a Groupon. And we now officially want to buy a vacation home there. Thanks Groupon!

Well that just about brings everyone up to speed. Hope to be a little more regular in the posting department. You can always follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more unwarranted details.


  1. Happy you are back to blogging! You have been busy. Sorry to hear about your eating poison berries! yikes. Love the colour of your downstairs powder room. Great choice!

  2. Rambling Rach7/24/13, 8:48 AM

    Thanks! I hope to make more regular appearances from now on :-)

  3. Apology accepted :). So excited you've done so many awesome things in the meantime. I've been on a break for a while at this point, I've got a conference this week that I'm hoping invigorates me again. We'll see how that goes...

  4. Rambling Rach8/1/13, 2:07 AM

    Ooooh hopefully a fun conference?! Summer is just hard. It is easier to post when it is rainy and there is nothing to do here except eat and shop!