Blog Face Lift

It has been a year since I started self-hosting the blog. My intention was to post much more regularly and focus on making every post look polished and professional. Well obviously that didn't happen! Given the fact I post maybe once or twice a month and have about 10 followers it just wasn't worth the money. So I switched everything over to Blogger--surprising because I have been such a Wordpress junkie for the past few years. 
I will spare you the nerdy details, but the process has been a bit bumpy. Fortunately, I took a much needed personal day from work on Friday (my brain was so fried I was having trouble constructing meaningful sentences) and finished the design and transfer process. Yes! This I like to code in HTML and CSS for fun and relaxation! Which also means I am officially going cross-eyed.

Given my perfectionist tendencies there will be more tweaking to come. My hope is now that the blog is "free" again I won't feel so much pressure when posting. I've also decided that over the past year I almost completely avoided posts having anything to do with living a healthy lifestyle. This is something I am passionate about--not to mention I have spent a crap-ton of money to learn the past 7 years. Might as well put it to good use right? :-)

Have a great weekend! Hope to check back in sometime next week.

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  1. WOW! Gutsy!! WordPress to Blogger? Perhaps you're starting a revolution here!! I admire it. Looking forward to reading more about being healthy. I could use to be doing more of that myself. Also, you're blog looks amazing!