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Hi friends! I have been following The Lean Green Bean blog for a few months and have been wanted to sign-up for the Foodie Penpal program. I finally got around to it this month and had a lot of fun. Basically you get paired up with two people -- one will send you a a package of goodies and then you will send to the other. You also include a hand written note to whoever your pal is. On the last day of the month you share what you got. Food by mail and a ready made blog post? How could I say no.

This month I got an awesome selection of snacks from Dominique from Hawaii. I love that she included some of the local flavors! The sea salt & vinegar chips were awesome--these weren't greasy and had a puffed texture like Pirates Bootie. I may have eaten them all one afternoon at work.... On Sunday I tried the Buddy Fruits after my workout and they were amazing. I had been keeping them in my bag for a post-workout blood sugar emergency and they were a perfect solution. A yummy blast of carbs with no fake sugar and tasted like actual fruit! I think they are technically food for little kids but I am so on board and will be stocking up. The package is resealable which is nice if you have the willpower to not consume all the gummy goodness in .5 seconds like me. We are going camping this weekend so the Kona coffee, Larabars and the Starbucks Via are all coming with us.

Although I might not do the Foodie Penal every month I will definitely sign-up again soon. Such a great way to try new healthy snacks and virtually meet some new people. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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