Hot Air Balloons!

Holy moly I am posting two weeks in a row! As I mentioned in my post last week, I bought a fancy camera and took a class on how to use it recently. Now the trick is to actually practice using it!

Fortunately, about a month ago I got a chance to do just that. Every summer there is a hot air balloon festival in Tigard, which is about 20 minutes outside Portland. FYI: that is pronounced "tie-guard". Somehow I managed to wake up at 4:30 am so we could be there to watch the balloons take-off at 5:30am. (Since Alex wakes up at the buttcrack of dawn every morning, this wasn't as much of an event for him.) In case you were wondering, there was much coffee involved and it was totally worth it.
While I captured quite a few duds, I hope you enjoy some of my better shots! This guy above was one of my favorites.
The colors and the light were amazing. Although the light was challenging at time, it was a great place to practice using the camera with manual settings
I couldn't have asked for better weather. The clear sky was the perfect backdrop. I tried using my polarizing filter for the first time and I found it was very helpful.
This was my favorite balloon. I have about 200 pictures of it.
If you life in the Portland area I would highly recommend checking out the festival next year. It was truly one of the more memorable experiences I have had in a long time. Make sure to dress warmly and wear rain boots if you have them. Our feet were cold and freezing from the morning dew by the time we left!

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  1. Welcome back!! Meanwhile, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a hot air balloon festival and after seeing these photos... I am even more convinced I would love it! They are amazing!!