The Backyard Overhaul

So there has been quite a bit of radio silence here. As usual, life has gotten in the way. Someday sit feels as though life is speeding up! We have been busy with work and continuing with various house projects. Right now we are knee deep in the backyard overhaul.

When we bought the house almost 2 years ago there wasn't much going on in the backyard. I knew that I wanted raised beds for vegetables and Alex knew he didn't want to mow the grass. For resale value I was hesitant to remove all the grass, but I also knew there aren't enough hours in the day for me to care for an entire yard of vegetables. We decided to hire some help to create our vision and couldn't be happier with the plan Carol Lindsay from Design In A Day came up with for us. (More on that in another post.) First lets see what we started from.


Pretty empty. Take note of the 30 foot dead cherry tree in the left corner--this bad boy is going to have to come down. Alex is removing many rocks piled up in the back bed. At the time we had no idea just how many rocks we would be digging up in this yard!

The raised beds along the fence came with the house. Silly place for them--very little sunlight. I tried to grow flowers in them last summer which failed miserably. Unfortunately, the shed has to stay for now. Someday we may look at building something along the side of our house for storage instead. Note the weed factory that is our yard. Dandelions galore!


Hello boring patio. Nothing exciting to see here. The grill is chained to the concrete slab--gotta love living in SE Portland. Seriously, people will walk off with anything!

So that is where we started from in the backyard. In my next post I will show the design and some updates of prepping the backyard for plantings.



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